Hot Fix - 0.3.03

Salutations cosmic wanderers!

More Hot Fixes On The Way!

We've been working on updating our Pre-Alpha Demo with hot-fixes for a recurring issue and a new issue that came to our attention.

  • Solved freezing issue due to conflicting desert alien idle animations
  • Henry can no longer be head-butted while struggling against the sandstorm

The Mac build has now been updated to version 0.3.03 c:851
The Windows build is scheduled to be updated to version 0.3.03 c:851 on the 16th of October

If It Ain't Broke... Update It!

We also snuck in some improvements!

  • Desert alien interactions now contain more animations

We hope that you are enjoying the demo!  Remember, it contains two different pathways through it - have you seen them both?
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The Bad Goat Team

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